The Mermaid Inn has 31 unique rooms, each one is named after a person from the history of the Inn and Rye.  There are;

  • magnificent carved beds
  • a secret stairway concealed behind the bookcase in Dr Syn’s Bedchamber
  • fine oakwood panelling
  • Caen stone fireplaces and latticed windows.

The second storey rooms are particularly intriguing with curved timbers supporting the ceilings which rise to a point above them, while the dormer windows afford a unique view of the citadel of Rye and beyond.

The Mermaid Inn is a genuine example of Tudor architecture and construction, and with the Caen stone fireplaces and wattle and daub walls, is maintained for the experience of the many guests from the United Kingdom and from around the world who stay at The Mermaid Inn every year.

To book a particular room, there are 31 unique rooms to choose from, please contact reception directly by;

Phone: 01797 223065 or Email: