Events in Rye


Explore Rye by travelling westward across Romney Marsh, and the distinctive outline of Rye can be seen in the distance. It rises above the level green pastures, stretching from the sea to the far hills which formed the shoreline before the marsh was drained.

Once surrounded by sea, this fortified hilltop town played an important role in the defence of the south coast of England. These days, the river no longer harbours warships and is home to the local fishing fleet.

These ancient buildings, cobbled streets and secret passages, once the haunt of smugglers and highwaymen, regularly attract film crews in search of historical settings for period productions.

Many authors, musicians, artists and celebrities have made Rye their home, a medieval haven periodically visited by Royalty. In 1573 the title “Rye Royale” was bestowed upon the town by Queen Elizabeth I after a three day stay.

The sheer concentration of living history packed into this vibrant market town makes it the ideal base for a holiday of discovery, or a relaxing short break. There are many comfortable, welcoming hotels and guest houses and plenty of charming inns and restaurants.

Why not plan your visit to The Mermaid Inn to coincide with one of the many highlights in the calendar of Rye:

  • Wild Boar Week – 24th Oct – 1st Nov 2015 –
  • Rye Bonfire – 14th November 2015 –
  • Rye Bay Scallop Festival – Sat 20th – Sun 28th Feb 2016 –
  • Kino Cinema – Enjoy a visit to Rye’s newest must visit venue –
  • Rye Guide –
  • Rye Heritage Centre –
  • Rye Bay –